– Chocolate cake filled with a chocolate hazelnut centre iced with chocolate buttercream and topped with a handmade chocolate hazelnut praline coated in chocolate.  


Do I want a round or square cake?

The whole difference is for a little more $ per size you can get the rectangle and get a bigger but shorter cake: easier to slice into smaller serves, so easier to feed the masses. 

All rectangles are 2 layers with 1 layer filling & icing and icing all around, with applicable drizzles, ganaches & treats. And the round is a complete decadence! Three layers of cake, two of filling and icing with icing all around and treats and drizzles, perfect for an indulgent wedge of cake! Also the added height makes for a bigger impact on the table! So Round vs Rectangle what to choose? The answer is as easy as big dessert serve vs small slice!


Suggested Serves:

Small Round Cake - 3-5 dessert serves

Medium Round Cake -12-16 dessert serves

Medium Rectangle Cake - 20 coffee serves

Large Round Cake - 20 - 24 dessert serves

Large Rectangle Cake - 30 coffee serves

Extra Large Round Cake - 35 - 48 dessert serves

Extra Large Rectangle Cake - 60 coffee serves



Small Round Cake - 12cm diameter 13-15cm height

Medium Round Cake -18cm diameter13-15cm height

Medium Rectangle Cake - 18cm x 28cm x 9cm

Large Round Cake - 18cm x 28cm x 9cm

Large Rectangle Cake - 22 cm x 32cm x 9cm

Extra Large Round Cake - 28cm diameter15-18cm height

Extra Large Rectangle Cake - 44 cm x 32xm x 9cm

The Grand Ferraro Cake


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