Thanks to all of our loyal customers. We appreciate your support over all these years and love hearing feedback about our baked goodies that we create with love here at Sweet Revenge. 


Hey Paula, just wanted to let you know our wedding cakes were DELICIOUS! I loved all 3, but the luscious lemon was my favourite - amazing! We went on a mini honeymoon and were back a week later.. forgot there was still some in the fridge and they still tasted good 🤣

The BEST slices in town!!! If you have a sweet tooth like me, this will definitely hit the spot. Salted caramel afghan & Mint slice from Sweet Revenge at Riverside Market. Honestly couldn’t recommend enough 🙌🏻😋

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Thank you so much for the Pug Cupcakes. My son thought they were just the best.👌


Couldn't believe Paula made a cake out of my favourite dessert from Sweet Revenge.

Can never get enough of it. Thank you so much!  ðŸ˜

I came in today and bought a piece of each 😈🤣 Ginger Kiss, Banoffee and the Mocha Mousse Cake 😋 and then to my surprise I had a phone call from my daughter saying she was up in Christchurch and wanted to pop round, adding she had treats! Well great minds think alike 🤣 So we had an afternoon of tasting, all 3 were delicious, I'm swaying towards the Ginger Kiss as my favourite of the 3! I introduced her to your delicious Carrot Cheesecake a few weeks back, another favourite of mine, then last week I drove down to see her with a piece of Toffee Apple and Black Forest Cheesecake, that was a hard call too, but swaying towards the Toffee Apple, but really they're all soooooo delicious 😋 I can't stop raving about your cheesecakes 🥰🤤😋

Thanks so much Paula for the incredible cake yesterday! It was much loved by everyone who was lucky enough to get a piece lol!


Thanks so much and Merry Christmas Courtenay

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It was my first time trying a Mousse Cake from Sweet Revenge and it turned out to be amazing! Thanks Paula for making my day even more special with this cake.

-D xx

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This caramel chocolate eclair from Sweet Revenge may be the best thing we have EVER tasted.
Just exquisite. You MUST try!
Comes in 3 different flavours including chocolate, caramel & boysenberry.
Also, Mallow Lollie cake was highly rated.

Hi Paula, Thanks again for the delicious cups cakes and our wedding cake. Oh my goodness they were to die for.

We had so much positive feedback about them and some even having two hehe. We shared our wedding cake around the family after the wedding and my goodness the passionfruit was delicious. Our favourite!!!! Once again thanks so much. 😚

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This Ferrero Rocher Cake from Sweet Revenge has to be my favourite. It's a chocolate lover's dream come true. SOOOO yummy! Totally recommended.😙

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